Microsoft Teams Enabled Meeting Spaces

Enhance Productivity with Microsoft Enabled Collaboration Tools

Microsoft TeamS Room

Specialising in best of breed MTR equipment our team of certified Microsoft technicians will design and deploy the most effective Teams rooms or Teams enabled systems for your business. This includes best practise:

Key Benefits

Workplace Technology, Security and Productivity Success within a Microsoft Environment

Tailored Approach

Business and individuals have specific needs yet diversity opinions so designing a space to suit all can be a challenge. 


Our designers work closely with your teams to understand your unique needs, culture and branding. We can craft a simple, off the shelf or bespoke best fit solution that reflects your company’s personality and cultural values.

Technology Focused

Embracing the latest state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrated into meeting spaces and office areas. From wireless presentation systems to interactive displays and video conferencing solutions, we ensure subtlety and simplicity in our approach to technology.

Style and Culture

Transform your offices spaces into areas of haven of comfort and style. With ergonomic furniture, customizable lighting, and sleek, modern aesthetics, your team will feel inspired and energized, ready to tackle any challenge.

Thinking and Creativity

Foster collaboration and innovation with flexible rooms, seating and standing arrangements, brainstorming zones, and collaborative tools that encourage teamwork and creativity


We offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options through First Nations Finance to suit businesses of all sizes

Better. From Every Angle

Working with Nallawilli Technology enables you to improve your environmental, social, and governance performance.

Interactive Touch Panels

Teams enabled interactive panels and touch screen LCDs Ideal for

Environmental, Social and Governance

In our modern world, successful companies are no longer only measured by their bottom line, they are also measured by the positive and negative impact they have on the people and environment around them.

Room Booking Panels

High visibility interactive panels next to the entrances of spaces to show availability and calendar information, allow checking in and for bookings to be made on the fly.

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